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               I am now assigning activities via Seesaw. I am excited to announce this new option that will bring new opportunities for you and your child. Please note that these activities are completely optional. I hope to make them as lively and interactive as possible. It will also provide us the opportunities to provide feedback and further interaction.

Here is the instructions to access SEESAW:
1.) Have you or your child enter CLEVER.
2.) Your child will log in through the usual way.
3.) Look for the SEESAW app. If not there, run a search.
4.) Click on Seesaw. If log in and password, use the same as CLEVER. 
5.) Feel free to view and play around with the site. 
6.) See if you can locate the assignment (s).
7.) Complete via instructions or even provide a modified return of work (if you wish).

My hope is this is fun and low stress! Please consider trying it out and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

I will reach out to all of you via email on Choice Board ideas/grade levels that could benefit your child. However, I have pulled some links below for your reference. Feel free to review. Let me know if you have any questions. 

First Grade Level
Second Grade Level
Third Grade Level
Fourth Grade Level
Fifth Grade Level

Mrs. Brownlow and I have joined forces and are working together to provide a great virtual experience! Please look forward to a ZOOM meeting scheduled generally EACH Friday at 11:00 am. We will make sure you get an official invite via email. If you have not heard from us, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time ! We want to see YOU! 

Parents, I will always try and be in communication for any questions or concerns. Email is the best way to reach me and I will always try to do so in a timely fashion.

Additionally, I will be available from 12:30 to 1:30 each Wednesday until the end of the year. You can contact me at that time and a response should be provided in real time. Thanks!

April 20th Reading Link:
               Please make sure to visit this site below to enhance and review your child's reading skills. I love that this program is so diverse! Thanks to all of the parents and children that have tried it out so far! Please contact me if you would like an invite and I can add your child's name!


April 20th UPDATE: Reaching out to specialists
               Our specialists will continue to be available to support you in these times. Do not hesitate to contact them! They are working on updating their own websites and hope to join us now and then through ZOOM and special activities! Below I am leaving you a contact information for each of them if you would like to reach them by email!

Mrs. Day (Speech):
Mrs. Poland (English as Second Language):
Mrs. Sturgis (OT):
Mr. Perry (APE):

April 17th UPDATE: MUSIC
Mr. Foose is a great music teacher in the county. He has been updating his page daily with new activities from home for kids. Feel free to check them out if you wish! Of course also remember that Ms. Amend, our very own amazing music teacher is available as well!

Sinclair Music Program

Parents, I have found a great online reading program to help your child with phonics and word attack. I think this would be really good for your child and I highly recommend it. Please email me if you are interested. I have to know and then I have to set up a teacher/student account so your child can access it. Thanks!


April 13th UPDATE (second):
Math Practice/ Ideas/ Number Sense:
100s chart link:

Parents! Each child is working on number sense; even if they are on to multiplication or simple addition. It doesn't matter! Being fluid and quick and accurate with any math calculations are good for our kiddos and it is very emphasized by school curriculum.

Ideas #1: Have your child use flash cards. Make flash cards with +0 and +1s first. Yes! All of the kids! Over the course of the Spring, add +2, etc. Even if your child is on to higher level math. Why? Building that fluency so they know it with the snap of their finger.

Ideas #2: What comes next? What comes previous? Have your child work on identifying numbers that come before and after a number you provide. Each child worked on this in the past and should have some fluency with doing it up to 100. Do it visually at first, allow the 100s chart (link above) for reference if needed. Eventually the goal is to weed out any visual reference if possible.

*Some parents: Do it to higher numbers! The goal is at least to 999 eventually! Some kids can go beyond!

Ideas #3: Writing out numbers you call out. Most students are well beyond 100. For instance, call out "One thousand, four hundred and fifty nine". For others, start small and work up (ex "two hundred and seventeen). See if your child can write it without visual prompts. have your child then read the number back to you on their own. Go up as high as you would like using your instincts.

Ideas #3 Extension: Place value. We've worked on this. After each number written by the child. Have them go back and order each number by place value (ones place, tens, hundreds, etc) and then ask they do it out of order).

Ideas #4: Skip counting. Each child has had consistent and mostly successful practice at skip counting by 10s, 5s, and 2s. Extend this. Use the 100s chart if necessary. Use it as a tool to explain multiplication (if ready). If not ready, it is still a good tool once multiplication is used.

Next Steps for some on skip counting: If counting by 2s is easy, move to 3s and then 4s. List goals to a finite number first (ex 20) and have them memorize up to that number.

Ideas #5: Coin Knowledge: Have your child work on identifying values of coins, coin names, etc. All of this is review. You can reinforce skip counting with this.

Next Steps for coin knowledge:
*Have your child practice combinations of coins to $1.00 (start with just dimes and pennies first and work your way up).

Do not stress. Most of our students remain within this realm and need practice for a long while. Remember you are helping to set that foundation.
*Goals ultimately:
a.) to use different combinations of coins to $1.00.
b.) Using combinations beyond $1.00.
c.) Memorizing values of quarters (ex. value of 2, 3 and 4 quarters to $1.00).
d.) Extend by having your child continuing the quarter pattern for as high as they can do it.

April 13th, 2020 UPDATE:
Fun Math/Reading Resources Online:
Sheppard Software

CHOICE BOARDS LINK!!! I have provided EACH grade level which will be updated EACH WEEK with activities!! Most of our kiddos should be around a K-2 grade level. Please contact me with further details.

Student Choice Boards

If you need any additional resources/ support I am always available! Don't hesitate to ask! I will be getting more links and resources to you soon along with some specific ideas for you guys.

APRIL 2020: Announcements
Hello, Parents!
I will begin to update this website with more regularity going forward as I hope this will be a valuable resource for all of you. Please continue to feel free to email me with any questions or concerns and I hope you are well. Stay safe and tell your child that I said hello!

The upcoming weeks into mid April 2020 have been designated as "Review" weeks. I will be posting some links and ideas over this time frame to help provide and generate some opportunities for your child to stay ahead of the game!

Our students need repetition. Be leery of moving forward too quickly. Sometimes it may be more challenging and earlier work may be lost. A rule of thumb is to use a new strategy (if and when introducing one) and practice it for at least a week or two. If your child is consistently getting over 80% in that time, it may be a chance to proceed. However, continue to offer review work even when going forward.

I will be emailing you individually on your child's approx. reading level as an fyi for you going forward. In general, most of our children operate within around second grade reading materials when we do whole group lessons with some variance.

Continue to access your child's student log in/password and "Clever". They have many online resources...

3.) "My On"
is a reading program online. Please access that under Clever... it has excellent opportunities to read and listen to stories and answer questions...

4.) Khan Academy:
Also a great resource. I will check further into this and provide you updates. Again rule of thumb: if your child is looking to start and it asks for a grade level, "2nd Grade" may be a wise choice to start and then you can use your discretion from there.

*For most students, we are working within calculation problems and number sense skills within the 2nd to 3rd grade levels.

1.) Please refer to the work packet. You can also utilize Khan Academy as a great resource. More to come...

*Sentence compositions:
All students continue to work within this area. Work with your child on staying within lines. Try challenging your child to write sentences with more descriptive words. Grammar: Proper nouns/capitalization/ending sentences/quotation marks for people speaking.

1.) Have your child use their vocabulary word lists and create sentences with them.

2.) Use a theme/prompt and have your child work on multiple sentences on topic.

Have your child work on creating a spelling book with you. They can refer to it as they write so to depend less and less on you for spelling. Divide up the pages in ABC order and work on words with each letter... offering fun words they like along with everyday words they may need. Offer space so they can add to it with you as they go.

*Paragraph compositions: Most students continue to work within developing a singular paragraph.

1.) Use a theme/prompt.
Have your child use a "paragraph web" to start with... have them organize their thoughts first. They should know what this is: they fill out a Topic sentence in the middle, then 3 details... they have to fill these out before they proceed.

2.) Indent/ make sure they have at least 5 sentences. Topic Sentence/Detail 1/Detail 2/Detail 3/Conclusion

Welcome to Mr. Kern's and Mrs. Lee's class!  We are proud of the positive outcomes that have occurred within our program and school over the years. We like to have fun and laugh a lot while we learn! We look forward to working with all of you this Fall! Current and former students are always welcome to come and visit! We are a big family here at Cedar Point!

Communication is key and I always welcome discussions and feedback.
Please feel free to contact me anytime at


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