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Check out the "Files and Documents" and "Useful Links" area of this website for several enrichment ideas.

Additional Enrichment Ideas:

Animal Habitats and Zoo Enclosures:
Research an animal in books or online to learn about its habitat, food, etc. Visit a zoo virtually to see how the zoo recreates the animal's natural habitat in the animal's zoo enclosure. Create your own zoo enclosure for your animal that showcases what you've learned. Here's the challenge:
*Draw out a plan before you begin.
*Your animal's zoo enclosure must be made entirely out of paper.
*You may not use scissors.
*You may use tape and/or glue.
*Don't forget to create food for your animal within the enclosure.

Select a topic of interest and read the article to learn more information. Share your information in any format of your choosing (Podcast, PowerPoint, poster, video clip, etc.).

Wow in the World:
Select a podcast that interests you, and print out a WowSheet (found in the Files and Documents section of this web page). Before listening, think of some pre-listening questions and record them on the WowSheet. Enjoy the podcast! Share the information you learned in a fun way (Circle Map, comic strip, labeled diagram, informational brochure, LEGO model, etc.).

Squiggle Drawing:
Create your own squiggle/set of squiggles in black marker on white computer paper or construction paper. Use your creativity and imagination to turn your squiggle(s) into something new. When you're finished, add color if you desire. Write a poem, story, comic, or graphic novel about the new scene you created. Be sure to add descriptive adjectives and figurative language (simile, metaphor, etc.).

 example of a squiggle drawing