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Interior Design Challenge:
Select a room in your house to redecorate! Begin the design challenge by selecting key foundational items:
*Flooring (Options: carpet, hardwood, tile, etc. What color will you choose?)
*Paint Color 
*Window Coverings (Options: shutters, blinds, curtains, etc.)

Once you've selected the basics, pick out furniture and lighting for the room (or design your own). You can find design inspirations in magazines or online. 

Draw your room layout on graph paper or use a digital program (many websites and apps to choose from). You can also create a 3-D rendering of your room using a box and handmade items. Cardboard, foam, and paper are fun materials to use!

Math Connection:
Find the area of the room (area of a rectangle = length x width). You may round the length and width to the nearest foot to make your calculations easier.

Using the room's area, figure out how much flooring you need. For example, if my room is 12 feet x 10 feet, the area to cover in carpet is 120 ft2. If the carpet I've selected is $4.00 per square foot, then it will cost me $480.00 to purchase the carpet alone.

For window coverings, find the area of the window for shutters or blinds. For curtains, you'll select a size by knowing the length from about six inches above the top of the window down to the floor. Based on the window's width, you can figure out how many curtain panels to purchase.

Have fun calculating the cost of the renovation! You may use a calculator if you'd like. Make a chart of your expenses.
Costs to consider:
*Paint (one gallon usually covers approximately 400 square feet)
*Window Coverings